KNX MultiController TWIN 2x 16A relay, Wago

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KNX MultiController TWIN is smart, compact and installation friendly, fitted with WAGO Winsta plugs. With an installation height of only 40 mm, the KNX MultiController is perfect for mounting in ceiling and for below-floor installations. Easy access to front panel for manual operation and testing.


  • 16 EVGs and 4 DALI groups / broadcast / DT8 TW
  • 2 thermo relay outputs 230V/10W
  • 2 mechanical multifunctional outputs 230V/16A
  • 4 binary inputs
  • One local extension bus TWIN (24V/40mA)
  • Up to two presence detector Intra-Sewi TWIN
  • One local userpanel Cala TWIN
  • 4 channel presence sensors
  • Constant light controller
  • PI-controller temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Threshold value for brightness, temperature, humidity and CO2
  • 4 MP-bus addresses with internally 24V/10W
  • Comparator logic (4/5)
  • AND/OR logic (8/8)
  • Computer logic (8)
  • Scene logic (16/16)
  • HCL controller logic (8)

Application program featuring complete thermostat controller for heating and cooling, KNX-DALI gateway with groups and tunable white function, MP-bus gateway for 4 addresses, multifunction relay outputs with logic, timer and PWM, potential free binary inputs for manual operation of lighting or shutters/blinds. Terminals for local sensors make it possible to combine KNX MultiController with sensor to get 4-channel movement control, brightness sensing and constant lighting control functionality.
Temperature sensing and manual operation is possible through the Cala TWIN userpanel 55x55. Temperature sensing is also possible through 66121 and 66131.


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